Lindsey Stirling Warmer in the Winter at Comerica Theatre

Lindsey Stirling brought the snow to Comerica Theatre for her “Warmer in the Winter” tour. With stunning visual effects and dancing angles, it was nothing short of an amazing one. The fans showed up early, dressed in their Christmas digs and fancy coats. The line grew bigger and bigger as the doors approached opening time. Lindsey always brings out a great mix of fans from young children through older adults. Being as this is also a hometown show I always think these are the best shows to cover.

Stirling is no stranger to the violin and doing things on her own. With now being an independent artist and seeking no help from a record label I’d say she has developed a strong name for herself. She chooses to engage with fans and runs things on her own terms, launching crowdfunding campaigns to make new albums and music videos possible.

The night began with All I Want For Christmas, and Stirling’s violin sung out perfectly throughout the hall and practically warmed up the whole room. Her clear tone and ability to dance and play the violin at the same time made the whole concert so uplifting and fun. Stirling followed it up with Christmas C’mon ft. Becky G, and another favorite tune of Let it Snow.

Stirling not only did not disappoint, she somehow managed to make Christmas music tolerable in November. Her on-stage personality was so energized and happy, I couldn’t help but get into it. Then there was her dancing. Holy candy canes, this girl can leap, twirl and get down with it like nothing I have seen before, all while playing her glittering violin.

Stirling performed almost all of her songs from the Christmas album and even some of her non-holiday hits like “Hallelujah“, “Crystallize”, and “Between Twilight”.

She addressed the crowd often, her stories ranging from innocent memories with her family during the holidays and her time on Dancing With The Stars, to deeper stuff. She told the crowd of her journey through her musical career, having gone through hopeless periods wrought with self-loathing and family tragedy.

I would suggest if you ever have a chance to catch one of her shows that you do. It’s one of those shows you can bring the whole family as everyone can enjoy it. 

We at Global AZ Media wish everyone Happy Holidays and have a safe New Year.


  1. All I Want For Christmas
  2. Christmas C’mon ft. Becky G
  3. Let It Snow
  4. Warmer In The Winter
  5. Jingle Bell Rock
  6. I Saw Three Ships
  7. Video / toy set
  8. Hallelujah
  9. Angels We Have Heard On High
  10. Crystallize
  11. Between Twilight
  12. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  13. Santa Baby
  14. Luna / break
  15. We Three Gentlemen
  16. Carol of the Bells
  17. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  18. I Wonder As I Wander

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