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Not one band fell short from pleasing the crowd on February 3, 2020 at The Van Buren for the Periphery IV: Hail Stan tour. Kicking off the night was instrumental prog band Arch Echo, performing a 5 song setlist that left the listeners wanting to hear more. The energy of the night was set when the band kicked off with “Daybreak”, a medley of tones on the keyboards from Joey Izzo, dueling riffs from Adam Rafowitz and Adam Bentley on guitars, Richie Martinez pounding the drums and Joe Calderone killing it on bass. The self proclaimed music nerds manage to create music from different parts of the states, coming from New York, Minnesota, and Tennessee. And they make it work. Being a completely instrumental band, each member highlights the skill and unique sound composed in the music. Watching the quintet play their jams was like being a part of a journey. Fusing the sounds of instruments with the likes of RUSH, and progressively deepening notes to the song “Afterburger” when Calderone played his bass behind his back and head was definitely a highlight fun to watch. Check out Arch Echo on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The instrumental rock continues when Australian guitarist and songwriter Plini (Plini Roessler-Holgate) hits the stage with Chris Allison on the drums, Jake Howsam Lowe on guitar and Simon Grove on bass. From the opening with “Handmade Cities” to the closing with “Electric Sunrise”, we are introduced to the clean cut of guitars bouncing back and forth from sounds of jazz to progressive metal and some points of high-gain, really heavy riffs in the chorus of songs. Throughout the 9 song set, the crowd would comment how awesome a song was, or how they really enjoyed the bass work. Music influences resemble the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. There is no doubt Plini performs excellent guitar work. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The crowd is in anticipation for the set of Periphery, headlining on their tour and new album release Periphery IV: Hail Stan. Soaring to #1 on Billboards Independent Chart, the crowd was not short on singing along to the new album songs. The opening song is the first track on the album, “Reptile”, giving a whopping 17 minutes of complex vocals from Spencer Sotelo and meticulous riffs from Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen. The added bonus was when Plini and band members came out to play along with Periphery during Reptile, giving us all an entertaining opener. Matt Halpern’s drum work was pounding throughout the 10 song set. Not one moment went by when the crowd wasn’t singing along or banging to the music of the new album and classic favorites. Indeed Periphery displays quite a good show, up through their encore song “Lune”. Follow Periphery on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Music for Periphery, Plini and Arch Echo is available on streaming services.


Reptile (with Plini)
Chvrch Bvrner
Remain Indoors
Follow Your Ghost
It’s Only Smiles
Blood Eagle

Handmade Cities
Every Piece Matters
Selenium Forest
Paper Moon
Electric Sunrise

Hip Dipper
Color Wheel




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