Facebook, Instagram, Messenger are DOWN as Meta hit with worldwide outage


Meta’s Facebook, Instagram and Messenger are down worldwide, leaving user unable to scroll, post or contact friends.

The outage appeared around 10:45am ET, hitting the US, the UK, parts of Europe and Asia – other nations have also been impacted.

DownDetector, a site that monitors online disturbances, reported issues with the apps, websites and users accessing accounts.

What has sparked the problem is not yet know, but comes 15 days since the social media platforms were knocked offline due to an internal issue.

This is a developing story…. 

Issue reports submitted by users to DownDetector show there are more issues with Facebook, followed by Messenger and then Instagram.

However, for all three more than 50 percent of reports noted the apps are not working properly.

On Facebook, users are seeing notifications that their accounts have been suspended or their session has expired and are asked to login again.

Messenger’s issues are showing users as being ‘unavailable to friends.’

While some users have said they can send messengers, recipients are not able to reply. 

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