Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human Tour at Arizona Financial Threatre

Coverage/Photos By Julius Aguilar

Bring Me The Horizon’s Post Human USA Tour hit Phoenix, AZ on October, 7 2022; with a line-up, Siiickbrain, Grandson, Knocked Loose and of course Bring Me The Horizon, that filled the seats of the Arizona Financial Theatre, in Downtown Phoenix.  A crowd of concert goers lined up outside of the theatre with chattering and excitement as time ticked towards the doors opening.  As the venue opened the flood gates, so to speak, the eager fans moved swiftly through the security checkpoint with such haste and focus that the crowd outside didn’t take long to fill the venue.

Siiickbrain – Photo By Julius Aguilar

The show kicked off with Siiickbrain, a three-piece trap metal alt-rock emo-pop infused band, that amped up the crowd with songs such as “Overdrive”, “Power”, “Jealousy” and “I’m Sick.” It was a nice intro into the show, allowing concert goers to get a taste of what the evening would be like. The beat of the songs raised concert goer’s attention and the mixed vocal of heavy screams and soft singing swayed the crowd.

Grandson – Photo By Julius Aguilar

Next on deck was Grandson, an industrial politically charge rapper/vocalist took the stage to a crowd of screaming fans.  Jumping all over the stage and preaching with the sounds of instruments as he spilled lyrics toward the crowd got the crowd moving and jumping.  The energy of the venue was up and alive, following Grandson through their set as they played songs such as “Riptide”, “Oh No!!!”, “Stick Up” and “Blood // Water.”  The band provided the additional groundwork along with Siiickbrain for what was about to transpire with Knocked Loose and Bring Me The Horizon.

Knocked Loose – Photo By Julius Aguilar

With the concert goers loosened up and moving from the previous sets of artists Knocked Loose charge the stage and set the energy of the venue to what would seem to be its max.  Knocked Loose gave permission with their music to show out and cut loose allowing fans to embrace their inner hardcore and leave it all in the pit.  Fans jumped, moshed, head banged and created two circle pits to show appreciation to Knocked Loose; they gave their all and Knocked Loose not only took the energy but expelled it back with songs such as “God Knows”, “Billy No Mates”, “Deadringer”, “Mistakes Like Fractures” and “Counting Worms”.

To think that Knocked Loose maxed out the energy of the crowd would be a mistake they only added to what was a killer evening and one of the best lineup for a tour, because what Bring Me The Horizon was able to do during their set was nothing but amazing.  Being introduced at the start of their show with a demonic nun greeting fans on a giant led screen, to the amazing production value of their set Bring Me The Horizon pushed the level of the venue beyond its max.  As the screen turned black and the silhouettes of the members assumed their positions the entire crowd screamed with such excitement you could feel the love of the collective voices shake your body.  Bring Me The Horizon did a mixture of songs from their catalog, songs such as “Can You Feel My Heart”, “MANTRA”, “Parasite Eve”, “DiE4U”, “Drown”, “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” and “Sleepwalking.”

Bring Me The Horizon

Knocked Loose



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