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Global AZ Media, is a Phoenix based company covering media from around the globe. We started off covering music only but rebranded in 2018 to try and cover all media aspects.

Thanks to its readers and followers, Global AZ Media, now is part of the great media coverage and draws more than 10,000 monthly active users to its website within the last year of growth.


Adam Messler
Diana Peterson
Daisy Fromkin
Julius Aguilar
Beverly Shumway

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Please send all submissions digitally, with a link to a place where we can easily stream music; Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, official website, etc are all fine. Do not attach mp3s to an email and do not send us links to .zips or .rars to download. Please send submission to

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Global AZ Media does not knowingly violate any copyright laws. If you are or represent the copyright holder of a work of music we have posted, please email us and the file in question will be removed from our servers immediately.