Pornhub’s 2018 search statistics are all sorts of captivating

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Everybody knows that Incognito mode and Pornhub go together like Kleenex and Jergens. And while humanity’s favorite history-protecting browser might help you skirt your SO’s snooping ways, it’s about as useful as Helen Keller’s drumset when it comes to protecting your data overall.

The porn giant’s Insights Page recently released the habits of folks who dabble in their site and while your name isn’t on these, we’re just going to assume that you, yes YOU PERSONALLY, are responsible for these numbers.

“Every minute, 63,992 new visitors arrive at Pornhub, 207,405 videos are watched and 57,750 searches are performed. 55 of those video views are of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, which is still Pornhub’s most-watched video of all time at 195 million views.

12 new videos and 2 hours of content are uploaded to Pornhub every minute while 7708 Gigabytes of data are transferred worldwide. Pornhub’s users view 13,962 profiles, follow 593 other users, accept 167 friend requests and send 122 messages. 271 videos are rated, 528 are added to playlists and 22 new comments are left.”

“It’s perhaps no surprise that pornstar Stormy Daniels came in first on our list of the searches that defined 2018. Beginning in January, each time she was in the news the public’s curiosity would peak and searches for Stormy surged.

Searches for the hit game ‘Fortnite’ also defined 2018 as it skyrocketed from obscurity to one of our Top 20 searches of the year. Each time a new Fortnite character was released, searches would increase dramatically.”

“Trendy terms aside, Pornhub’s top 4 searches by volume remained the same from 2017 to 2018. These included ‘lesbian’, ‘hentai’, ‘milf’ and ‘step mom’.”

“Other big gainers included Lana Rhoades by 24 spots, Abella Danger by 19 and Adriana Chechik by 31, while Kim Kardashian dropped from 4th down to 14th. Riley Reid had the most video views in 2018 at 363 million, followed by Lana Rhoades with an impressive 345 million video views.”

“Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, followed by the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France and Germany.”

“2018 saw Pornhub’s average visit duration grow by 14 seconds to 10 minutes and 13 seconds. While some visitors may be taking more time to watch videos and make use of Pornhub’s community features, time on site can reflect many factors including the speed of broadband and mobile internet bandwidth available in different regions.”

“While the United States has a relatively impressive staying power of 10 minutes 37 seconds, some states go out of their way to impress. Visitors from Mississippi best the national average by 46 seconds, along with 37 seconds in South Carolina, 35 in Arkansas and 33 in Alabama.”

“Worldwide, and indeed in most countries we have studied, Sunday is the most popular day to visit Pornhub, while Friday tends to have the lowest traffic. A lot of that has to do with the hours people prefer to watch porn.

Peak viewing times are usually from 10pm to Midnight, but on weekends (as people tend to stay up a later, go out more, and sleep in longer), the viewing time shifts more into the morning hours.”

“The following map illustrates which categories are most popular in different parts of the world. ‘Lesbian’ dominates much of North, Central and South American, along with many parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

‘Hentai’ is more popular in Russia throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as parts of South America like Chile and Peru.”

“Views of the ‘Romantic’ category more than doubled in 2018, as well as an 88% increase in ‘Tattooed Women’. As more intelligent sex toys have been hitting the market, we’ve seen Pornhub’s ‘Interactive’ category grow in popularity since its launch.”

Check out the rest of their extensive breakdown RIGHT HERE!

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