Maynard: The Vocals on Tool’s New Album are Finished

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Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan has posted a brief update on the status of Tool’s next record. The notoriously slug-paced band promised up and down that new music would see the light of day in 2018… until Maynard walked that promise back… but it seems 2019 could be a realistic possibility.

The vocalist offered via Twitter:

“Update- Final vocals tracked MONTHS ago. Then U.S.-UK-Euro run w #APC. If Tool all inst are tracked, long process of Mixing now. Meanwhile write/film/track w @puscifer for #puscifer2020 & troll the band FBs with wine posts. #funnyshit #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking”

Several sites are reporting on the above that tracking for the record is finished, but if you look closely that’s not what Maynard is saying, the operative word being “IF” before “Tool inst are tracked.” The implication there being that the other guys are perhaps still tinkering with some final tracking before the mixing process can begin. But then he says “long process of Mixing now” (the operative word being “now”) so who the fuck knows.

In short: we’ll get new Tool music whenever we get it. Same as it ever was.

Gotta love how Maynard made sure to include a plug for two things he actually has control over, Puscifer and his wine, knowing full well the press would be all over this.

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