PHIL ANSELMO Slams METALLICA’s ‘Load’: ‘It’s A Terrible Record, Man. I Just Don’t Get It’

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Philip H. Anselmo, best known for his work in PANTERA and DOWN, is featured in Metal Hammer‘s ‘Discs Of Doom’ series, in which an artist recalls the various albums that changed their life.

When asked which album he thinks shouldn’t exist, he went with METALLICA‘s 1996 release Load.

He said: “I would have to say ‘Load‘ by METALLICA. I mean, it’s a terrible record, man. I just don’t get it. If you’re gonna put out a record like that, just do a f*cking side-project or something, ya know?”

On which album he wanted to be remembered for, he went with PANTERA‘s 2x multi-platinum 1992 album, Vulgar Display Of Power.

Anselmo said: “I’m going with my knee-jerk reaction here: the first record that pops in my head is Vulgar Display Of Power. I don’t think there’ll be any arguments there and I think people will understand that without any explanation at all!”

Phil also revealed that the first album he ever bought was KISS‘ Alive.

“I think it was KISS Alive“, he said. It’s very underrated. When people listen to KISS’s body of work and reflect on their 40-plus years, it can be a little embarrassing, but honestly that first live recording is a very powerful rock album that should not be overlooked.”

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