Phoenix New Times, Danny Zelisko Presents Local Showcase at Mesa Amphitheatre

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Phoenix, local bands! Phoenix New TimesDanny Zelisko Presents, and Stateside Presents invite your band to participate in a meeting with other Valley bands to visit Mesa Amphitheatre to unveil a one-of-a-kind concert series at the Mesa Amphitheatre with select local bands from across the Valley.

Now it’s time for your band to take the stage, as long as you have performed a minimum of 6 shows in the Valley in the last year, you are invited!

Mesa Amphitheatre Concert Series:
– A monthly concert at the Mesa Amphitheatre starting in February 2019
– Each concert will showcase 3-5 local bands
– Each band will play 35-60 minutes
– Ticket prices will be capped at $12
– Venue will provide professional concert production to give bands and fans a one-of-a-kind concert experience

The monthly concert series at the Mesa Amphitheatre has the following goals:
– Provide an opportunity for local bands to play at a large concert venue in front of a potentially large crowd
– Provide an opportunity for music fans to enjoy a full night of local musicians at an inexpensive ticket price
– Provide an opportunity for local bands to promote themselves and grow their fanbase for future shows at other venues around the valley
– Showcase the Mesa Amphitheatre as a unique concert venue

** PLEASE Bring 3 copies of your CD and bio, and anything else we should have when considering your band for performing at one of these unique shows – or send an EPK(electronic press kit) along with your RSVP below:

Who: At least one member of your band must be present to participate
When: Saturday Jan. 12 at 12 noon – 1pm
Where: On stage at the Mesa Amphitheatre – 263 N. Center Street in Mesa

RSVP TO if you will be attending!

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