MAGIC GIANT at Crescent Ballroom with Castlecomer & Weathers

Coverage/Photos By Julius Aguilar

A groove filled night of dancing, chanting and jumping is what best describes the show at Crescent Ballroom on January 23, 2019; with a band lineup, the Weathers, Castlecomer and Magic Giant. Each set pushed the other to push the good vibes in making the crowd get more involved with their music. The Weathers a pop rock band from Los Angeles, CA started the night with their light poppy sound filled with dancing guitar and funky bass licks. Instantly, as they took the stage they received praise from the crowd in form of cheering and hand raising. With their energetic sound they created a buzz in the crowd,

warming them up and getting their dance shoes ready for what was to come. 

Keeping up with the vibe of the Weathers, pop rock band Castlecomer, hailing from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia provided a more fast pop filled set. With the bands exciting sound they were successful in getting the crowd to move their feet and taking instructions. Song after song the crowd was more invested and more comfortable in themselves to be their selves with the music. Being the second band on the roster they performed extremely well with their Phoenix fan base. 

Lastly, Magic Giant an indie folk band from Los Angeles hit the stage with their stunning outfits and amazing set design, reached into the inner being of every attendee and brought out this hysteria of chanting, dancing and cheering. With a fast filled melody set, they pushed the crowd to their highest level of excitement as the venue packed in tight to see the smiling faces and the energy of Magic Giant. Each band on this roster played to their highest abilities and was able to push the crowd into the direction that they wanted within their set with also respecting that they had to also trust the next band to start where they stopped. This was a night of dance, happy feeling and just being yourself no matter who was around you.

We at Global AZ Media would like to thank everyone for having us out and to all the staff at Crescent Ballroom for putting on another great show.




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