Varsity Tavern Tempe is a God damn joke

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Tempe, AZ: Early this morning this was a headline post on Facebook over at Malcolm Waldek page.

Varsity Tavern Tempe is a god damn joke. If anyone would like to know why they’re on their last strike, here you go…. 1K PRE paid table (illegal) to have their A/C coolant dripping in our drinks all night! I have multiple witnesses and accounts for this. When asking for the manager through the entire night, their 20 something year old asshole finally came out of hiding as people were leaving, told us to to go F**** ourselves on top of their “classy” servers trying to fight every girl in there to defend themselves for tips. Even the cops had to pull one of their employees away for harassing customers after hours while blacked out drunk (see video of him calling us broke). This place deserves to be shut down and fined. When walking up to their VIP line they allowed us in and then got confused about if we even had a table or not. After 10 minutes of the “name game” they finally figured out who we were. After leading us to the table and offering us a drink per hour the only good thing about this place was one of their security guards who helped us through the night (you deserve an award for working for such scumbags) After hours of complaints about Air Conditioning coolant falling from their roof into our drinks and drink buckets (ice, juices, straws, napkins, bottles,etc…) they did absolutely nothing but offer us to leave after paying $1,000, 3 days before their actual event with no offer to make up for money spent. Service is shit, if even existent at all and management is not only Irresponsible but holding on to the last bits of traction they think they have. After saying we have video proof of their bulls**t their manager deferred to answering any more questions while the owner hides inside like the little bitch he is. I’ve been in this industry long enough to call out the idiot when I see one. Not only have I experienced the biggest scam artists on mill. I have proof. Share please to bring awareness to these idiots that think they can run a bar/club responsibly. AND YEAH WHAT YOU SEE DRIPPING OUT THEIR CEILING IS COOLANT OUT THEIR AIR CONDITIONING. It turned out vodka soda blue… f***ing scary to be drinking. #MakeMillGreatAgain

You can see some of the videos below.

Someone in a comment suggest it may be condensation. However with the amount that was flowing out and it having a blue color to it suggest otherwise.

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