‘SCHOOL OF ROCK’ Kid Arrested Four Times For Stealing Guitars

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Joey Gaydos Jr., the actor best known for playing young guitarist Zack “Zack-Attack” Mooneyham in Jack Black’s family comedy School of Rock, is currently facing felony charges for stealing guitars in Florida, TMZ reports.

The one-time child star and current Florida man was captured by police four times in the last five weeks after allegedly stealing the guitars and an amplifier, according to the gossip outlet. He’s reportedly facing charges of larceny and grand theft.

In 2003, a guitar-wielding Gaydos starred alongside leading man (and Tenacious D musician) Black in the Richard Linklater-directed School of Rock. In it, he played a shy pupil instilled with rockstar-like confidence by the mentor.

Of late, however, authorities say the School of Rock star was walking into music stores and asking to test out guitars, TMZ notes. He would then walk out with the instrument and sell it to a pawn shop, reportedly to a fuel a confessed drug habit.

What axes did he make off with? A blue Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy (valued at $800), a black Fender Stratocaster ($699) and a Gibson Les Paul gold top ($1,900) have all been mentioned.

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