Queensryche with Fates Warning at Marquee Theatre

March 26, 2019 Queensryche took the Marquee by storm. Even after being around for 30+ years they still have what it takes to put on one hell of a show.

To open up the night is a young 4 piece metal band out of Gilbert, AZ named Shadow Guilt. Be sure to check them out and give a follow and like.

Next up was another local of SectaS coming at you from Phoenix, AZ. SectaS is a band like no other. This trios brand of high energy metal featuring Christian Lee (lead vocals/lead guitar) David “Runaway” SectaS (bass) and Brian Regalado (drums/back-up vocals) will invade your very soul. Reminiscent of early Megadeth meets Rush, SectaS’ music is hard driving, yet melodic with a positive message behind every lyric. Christian’s guitar licks rival all of the “guitar God’s” the industry has fed music lovers from day one. Runaways bass tactics tantalize the beast within to scream his name like the teenage groupie of yesteryear, and Brian’s fierce double-kick abilities will reach into your chest and force your heart rhythm to match his beats. SectaS’ musical influences span from Alice in Chains to Led Zeppelin and beyond, while maintaining a truly unique sound. Be sure to head on over and check them out as well.

Next to open up the stage for Queensryche is another amazing band who has been around since the 80’s is the great Fates Warning. To kick off the set they opened up with “From the Rooftops”. As the crowd kicked into gear they rolled right in to the next favorite of  “One” and “A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part III”. The band played a lot of the old stuff as well, so even the old-school fans were not disappointed. How about some “Pieces of Me” and “Falling Further”. To finish off the set of the night would be “The Eleventh Hour” and “Point of View

To kick things in gear Queensryche takes the stage and opens up with “Blood of the Levant”. They followed the opening song with “I Am I” from ‘Promised Land’, and the classic “NM156” from ‘The Warning’ before playing another new track “Man the Machine.” The night brought out fans of all ages with some old from the beginning and some new from recent tunes. Queensryche kicked it into gear going with “Queen of the Reich”, “Open Road” and “Take Hold of the Flame”. To finish off the night with the crowd pumped they jumped in to “Jet City Woman” and “Empire”. Without a doubt the old 80’s band still has what it takes to pack the house and rock the stage.

We at Global AZ Media thank the bands as well as the staff and crew out at Marquee Theatre for bringing in another amazing night.


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