Stitched Up Heart at Club Red – April 2019 Show Coverage

April 7th, 2019 Stitched Up Heart played the Club Red to a welcoming crowd, some people even came from as far as Idaho to see them perform of this emotional and electric night.

To open up the evening Darling the duo of Rachelle (Merch Booth Young Lady) and Stitched Up Heart’s own bass player Randy took the stage and played an amazing acoustic set that consisted of original songs and a few covers like The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, which they covered beautifully.

Scylla, a four piece local band from Mesa, AZ, was the second band to take the stage. They incorporate groove, thrash and various styles of metal within their sound. The crowd was not feeling their style of music however, with the exception of a few concert goers that kept cheering for them.

Perseverance, a four piece local band from Whitewater, AZ were third to take the stage. Their sound was thrashy and very groovy as well like the band before them.

The lead singer tried to pump up and get the tough crowd moving, but nobody was in the mood for a mosh that night it seemed like.

Finally, Stitched Up Heart took the stage, with a roaring crowd that could not wait to see them. Lead singer Mixi was very participative with crowd and moving all over the stage. The band played about twelve song for the night, including hits like “Monster”, “Finally Free”, and “Catch Me When I Fall” as well as some oldies that people wanted to hear. They also played their new song “Lost” that features Godsmack’s Sully Erna, but this night the tour manager Cody sang the song.

After playing “Lost” lead singer Mixi announced that something very special and emotional was about to happen. She brought onstage a couple, that came all the way from Idaho for that momentous occasion, where the gentleman proposed to marry his longtime girlfriend where she accepted the proposal.

After seeing Stitched Up Heart’s performance I knew, the hard working band, are going to go very far.

This concert was start of their long tour accompanying Godsmack and Volbeat across North America. If you happen to be in the cities where this band is playing make sure to go out and catch because they will blow your mind.

We at Global AZ Media thank all the bands as well as Club Red and the staff for putting on another great event.

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