A Woman Died After Falling Into An Industrial Meat Grinder In Pennsylvania


On Monday, April 22 at 11:35 a.m., 35-year-old Pennsylvania woman, Jill Greninger, was found dead in an industrial meat grinder at Economy Locker Storage Company, where she worked in Pennsdale for more than four years.

Reports by ABC News share that the witness who found her that morning, a coworker, did so after hearing strange noises from the machine in the northern Pennsylvania factory. When the coworker went to check on Jill after hearing the noises, he found her inside the machine, immediately turned the power off, and called 911.

Once help arrived, it took firefighters nearly 45 minutes to take the machine apart and recover the remains, witnesses told ABC News.

Because there were no reported witnesses at the time of the tragic event, no one can be sure exactly how she ended up inside the machine. Though PennLive notes she was standing on some stairs at the time and could have fallen or been pulled in if a piece of her clothing got stuck.

Since there is no real way to determine this without witnesses, coroner Charles Kiessling Jr.—who confirmed the woman’s death to ABC—cannot determine exactly how she ended up in the machine, but concluded that she died instantly inside the moving parts. The cause of death Kiessling listed was “massive trauma.”

Source ABC News

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