Glendale Police: Child airlifted to the hospital after getting shot by father accidentally

- in Local News

Glendale Police officials say a child is undergoing surgery at a hospital, after the child was shot in an accidental shooting incident.

The incident happened along the 7000 block of N. 76th Avenue. Initial reports say the child suffered life-threatening injuries, but Glendale Police officials have since said the injuries do not appear to be as life-threatening as first feared.

According to later statements by Glendale Police, the father made the 911 call at around 2:00 p.m. Thursday. The father said he was cleaning a loaded shotgun and when he was putting it away, he apparently tripped and fired the gun, striking his six-year-old daughter, who was in the room.

First responder said the girl was very alert, wasn’t crying, and was asking questions.

“We saw the helicopter land and saw them being her out,” said neighbor Marie Spencer. “They didn’t bring her out real fast. They kind of hesitated. But they brought her out got in the helicopter and took off.”

Source Fox 10

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