“Paint Me In God” ft. T-Pain, Mike Rebel, Chinese Rapper Wang Yi Tai out now

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With the Asian music industry making a larger imprint in today’s mainstream U.S culture, T-Pain was happy to be part of this movement; “Music doesn’t have a nationality, doesn’t belong to a country or one people. It doesn’t surprise me that the culture of hip hop is resonating in China, and this is the perfect record to bridge our two cultures. It’s always more exciting for me to be involved with a song like this one; one that touches on topics everyone relates to…how people are judged verses how we all should be judged…let’s paint everyone the color GOD” he states.


LA Rapper/Producer, Mike Rebel, further spoke on the collaboration; “We are children of the universe, made from stars…we are formed from light and made perfect. This is a message for the world so we decided to give it to the world. I brought this concept to Wang Yi Tai and T-Pain, two artists from different parts of the world who’s music speaks for itself. Hip hop is the language of the world’s youth. I want my music to be for everyone, no matter what race or what language they speak. Our problems are the same, so our medicine is the same. If you must judge me when you see me, if you have to paint me a color, then PAINT ME IN GOD!”

Vibe presents Urban Asia Vol.2 is following on the heels of the success of Vibe presents Urban Asia Vol. 1, which produced four top-ten hits in China, including Chinese/K-pop superstar Jackson Wang’s smash hit Can’t Breathe.

Volume 2 features fifteen tracks from top rap and hip hop stars from across Asia, including seven new, exclusive tracks. The album’s lead single is Paint Me in God; and the second single to drop is “Tasty,” featuring Mongolian Hip-Hop sensation Mrs. M’s English language debut. Produced by Pro Era’s NASTEE (Joey Bada$$, T.I., Mobb Deep, etc.) this Trap banger announces this exciting Asian star to the West on May 17th.

Other notable tracks include Jackson Wang and Al Rocco’sBruce Lee, Korean Rap heavyweight REDDY’s collab with Suran, Peach, Japanese (via NY) rising star MIYACHI’s Mada Fly, Atlanta producer Dell Harris’ Trap tour de force Look at Em, which features Young Lyxx and Chinese stars Benzo, Bloodz Boi, Bohan Phoenix and Psy P from Higher Brothers and West Coast Chinese rapper Chow Mane’s YouTube smash ABG, among many others.

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