Distant Youth Unleashes A Creative Alternative Cover “Without Me”

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Bright and energetic female-fronted pop-punk quartet Distant Youth presents an incredibly charismatic and thrilling variation of one of the most popular and successful songs in the world right now – the critically acclaimed “Without Me”, by Halsey and Juice WRLD – as the first ever single to introduce the formation’s career and journey in the music world! Comprised by magnetic vocal performance and masterful instrumental arrangements, “Without Me” is not just a cover, which re-imagines the specific characteristics of the original through the stylistic of the alternative genre, but a completely re-invented rendition and composition, which further magnifies its potential and explores opportunities for music development, provided by Distant Youth’s natural and intuitive song-writing talent and impressive and undeniable performance prowess. Injected with dynamic vocal intersections and aesthetically-pleasing original atmosphere, “Without Me” showcases Distant Youth’s ability to create and perform multi-dimensional, intricate music, which will surely be able to attract the attention of the music world in the future with its undeniable, remarkable and recognizable artistic essence.

Discussing the decision to develop a project of this sort, Distant Youth provides further information: “We chose “Without Me” for our Punk Goes Pop cover just because we love Halsey and Juice WRLD! The emotion displayed in their music is something that we very much strive for, when it comes to creating ours. When we listened to this collaboration, we knew that this was the right choice for us. It literally took us about a day, collectively, to write the cover. It came so easy and natural to us to implement our own style and vision to the original and we can’t be more excited to showcase our version of this fantastic track!”

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