Eccentric noise-rock band Yucca King deliver Popcorn, but also House Fire

Sweaty, frantic, and oh-so-catchy; NYC’s indie rock band Yucca King deliver an eccentric, talent-layered, and utterly addictive blend of the bizarre on their new album Popcorn, but also House Fire. Integrating a variety of  indie rock, noise/art-rock, pop, and punk elements, the band refuses to be pinned to a single style. The release offers a deep dive into new territory of brazen, unapologetic, and unfiltered creativeness.

Amidst the infectious melodies, the band confronts a number of modern-day issues within their lyrics. From panic attacks, depression, and food binges, to political and religious-questioning, Yucca King doesn’t shy from the difficult or unspoken, feeding off the uncomfortable squirm. “When we came together as a band four years ago we had no idea what we would become,” shared vocalist Greg Arent. “All of our tastes were varied. Our first EP and LP were both written within our first two years and since then we have changed and grown a lot musically.” Across nine tracks Popcorn, but also House Fire defies genre lines, providing clear nods towards funk, pop, and punk elements integrated over Yucca King’s base of indie-rock energy and drive. Arent explores use of spoken word and the band makes careful, crafted use of ambient noise to elevate the release from a musical creation, to a full-fledged artistic performance.

With an unbridled, manic energy, Yucca King takes a bold step forward on the album, yet gave careful thought to the execution and production process. “Yucca King’s attention to detail keeps you engaged through each song. The songs are personal yet deal with issues so many of us face daily; the album is an exciting journey from top to bottom,” shared engineer and producer Ian Elkind, who recorded, mixed and mastered the release at King Killer Studios in Brooklyn.

Popcorn, but also House Fire is out everywhere today, including SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music. In support of the release, Yucca King have a four-day run of shows across Boston, NYC, New London and Philadelphia. “Four years of chemistry has turned us into a real force and we are channeling all the energy of this album into a frenzied live show. We have also added a second guitar player so that we can more dynamic in the studio and on-stage,” shared Arent. Follow the band for further show announcements this summer!

Yucca King was formed in 2016 in New York City. After years of working through influences ranging from Primus and the Talking Heads to Tom Waits and Radiohead, YK have cemented a sound and ethos of angular, irreverent rock. While their debut album, The Ghost of Everyone sounds like a band keen on showcasing all of their influences equally, YK’s second album, Popcorn, but also House Fire is focused, direct, and unforgiving. Led by the mania of singer Greg Arent’s lead vocals, the band is at its paranoid peak.

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