Dawn of Ashes at Club Red, Show Coverage

Coverage/Photos By Edgar Carranco

Dawn of Ashes and friends played a show to remember at Club Red which was filled with a lot of excitement and joy from everyone that attended the show.

To kick off the night, Made of Knives, a local band from Mesa, AZ took the stage for the very first time. They played a very good show for being their first one, hopefully we can see them grow in the local music community in Phoenix AZ. Keep up the good work and do not give up on your dreams.

Midnight Nightmare, an industrial-shock rock-goth metal band from Los Angeles CA, was the second band to go up on-stage. The band was very theatrical with their make-up, crazy hair styles, and the way they moved around during their set. Angel,the lead singer of the band,was extremely no energetic throughout the whole performance.

Die Sektor, an EBM-Techno-Industrial band from Atlanta GA, were the third band to play. The lead singer, Edwin, was extremely energetic and kept the crowd dancing and moving throughout the entire performance. The band performed a few new tracks from their new album entitled, “Death My Darling”, and if you saw them live on tour this time around they had advance copies of the new album, which is amazing. I was lucky enough to pick a copy, and if you are fan of the band, make sure to pick it up.

Finally, it was time for Dawn of Ashes, an industrial metal-dark electro band from Los Angeles, CA to perform and kick everyone’s ass. They opened their set with “The Spirit of Anger” and “The Serpents of Eden“, which got the entire crowd’s blood pumping, and a pit began to circle around the entire floor. The lead singer, Kristof, was very interactive with everyone that attended the concert. He even jumped on the back of fan, and kept singing while doing that. If you ever have the chance to see this band perform do not hesitate to go see them. They put an amazing show, and the entire band loves their fan base. The band also performed other hits like “Sex, Blood, and Black Magic“, “Torture Device“, “Still Born Defect (The New Breed)“, and “Blood Shattered Cross”. The band usually comes out after they perform to meet and greet people, and take photos with fans. If you ever have the chance to go see them, please do not hesitate to and go see them live. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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