ROB ZOMBIE’S ‘3 FROM HELL’: See Explosive First Trailer For ‘devil’s Rejects’ Sequel

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Horror director extraordinaire and master of spooky hard rock Rob Zombiehas spent much of the past year keeping fans abreast of the latest developments with 3 From Hell, the long-awaited third and final installment in the House of a 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects franchise.

Teasing various stills and behind-the-scenes looks from the filming and post-production process, Zombie has provided tantalizing glimpses of the movie and hints at how he might continue the storyline of a twisted family of murderous psychos whose only goal in this life — and possibly the next — appears to be causing mayhem wherever they can. Today (June 10th), Zombie has finally dropped the official first trailer for the film. When we last saw the Firefly clan, they were bullet-riddled and seemingly dying after a face-off with a police barricade. The 50-second new teaser doesn’t give away much, but it hint at the method and madness of their seemingly impossible return.

Back for 3 From Hell are, naturally, Zombie’s wife and eternal muse Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby, as well as Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood, and Sid Haig in his signature role as Captain Spaulding. The move was unsurprisingly slapped with an “R” rating for “sadistic violence” and “graphic nudity,” per Zombie’s style, and is expected to make its big screen debut this fall. Filming was complete in January, when the director took to social media to note the experience this time around was “quite a fucking journey to say the least.” 

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