Israeli Dark Electronic Act LIYA Reveals Her New Video, “No Meaning.”

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July 2, 2019 – Israeli dark electronic act LIYA proudly announces the release of her new video, “No Meaning.”  

The “No Meaning” video was filmed on the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel and was directed by Ohad Elimelech.  The single, “No Meaning” appears on LIYA’s debut EP, “Listen” available digitally via Blind Mice Productions.  

For fans of: The Birthday Massacre & Depeche Mode

LIYA explains that “‘No Meaning’ deals with depression after a breakup… where there is no meaning to life and everything seems dark.” As she relates that every track on the EP is based on “true experiences I’ve had with the concept of love,”  she continues, “apparently for me heartache goes hand in hand in fueling my creativity.”

“Liya is haunting and beautiful on cerebral and visceral levels, creating a sexuality that is the ideal antithesis of any and all pop divas, with enough musical talent to validate it.  Her humanity bleeds over into the multilayered compositions backing her up. This is one artist who deserves recognition above ground for taking a chance and heading down her own path.” – AEA Fanzine

“…a great atmosphere with a good beat, dancy synth and then Liya’s beautiful voice… Really cool for a woman to make this kind of music! The industrial and EBM scenes are way too male dominated, and even sexist and misogynistic at times. We need more artists like this!” – Caroline Sometimes


LIYA TREBITCH is a singer/songwriter from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

From playing the piano and composing since the age of 5, LIYA started making electronic music at the age of 23.  Inspired by new wave, synthpop, darkwave and industrial, her music has deep, dark melodies that take you out of your ordinary world.  She has also performed extensively throughout Europe and Israel with DJ Yahel while working on her own material.

Now presenting her debut EP “Listen” on Blind Mice Productions, LIYA is a must-hear for fans of the gripping, nostalgic intimacy of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE to the synth-heavy compositions of DEPECHE MODE.

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