KORN Drop New Song “Cold” and Get a Little Heavy

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Korn are back with the crushing second single from their upcoming 13th studio album, The Nothing, and this one sees the metal juggernauts reach deep into their creative core to something new and different.

“Cold” kicks off with one of the band’s signature staccato nu-metal riffs before exploding into absolute chaos that makes Jonathan Davis sound more like a black-metal screecher than his usual scatting and crooning self. JD proceeds to shift rapidly between vocal styles in conjunction with the flow of the instrumentation, producing a song that’s at once a spitting, venomous scorcher and an expansive, almost serene power ballad. 

As The Nothing’s lead single “You’ll Never Find Me” did, this cut comes with a twisted, moody visualizer that befits the number’s tone. “All the different songs are about this dark energy that’s followed me around,” Davis said in June around the time Korn announced the new record. “And with all the things that were going on last year, me embracing it, running from it, just trying to navigate myself through all the chaos that I was having at that time.” The Nothing is due out September 13th via Roadrunner Records.

The Nothing track listing: 
1. The End Begins
2. Cold
3. You’ll Never Find Me
4. The Darkness is Revealing
5. Idiosyncrasy
6. The Seduction Of Indulgence
7. Finally Free
8. Can You Hear Me
9. The Ringmaster
10. Gravity Of Discomfort
11. H@rd3r
12. This Loss
13. Surrender To Failure

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