The Knotfest RoadShow 2019 Hits Phoenix, Arizona and Takes over Ak-Chin Pavilion

Coverage By Julius Aguilar
Photos By Adam Messler

Nothing was going to stop metal fans from attending the Knotfest Roadshow at Ak-Chin Pavilion on August 4, 2019, not even an intense 111 degrees temperature; Knotfest called all Arizonian’s into valley and none were able to resist. The line backed-up wrapping around the venue just before the gates opened, held the crowd of concert-goers in excitement and intense chatter of what they were going to experience. As the gates opened, the crowd in anticipation began to push forward inching closer and closer to the security check leaving no opening or line cutting of any kind. Once in the venue, the crowd was greeted with a mist of water falling above them in an effort to cool them down and on the West entry to the right a massive sign stating “Welcome to Knotfest”; what was a hot sweaty wait of a dream has become a reality for the fans as they took their first few steps into the Knotfest grounds. The crowd scatters; some to the merchandise booth, others to the food/drink stand and for most, rushing to stake their claim in the general admissions area on the lawn and in the pit to wait in hysteria for the first band to perform.

With fans settled in, the concert of the summer or quite possibly the year for Arizona, commences when Behemoth takes the stage and the banner drops; a massive cheer flooded the pavilion as Behemoth opens with “Wolves ov Siberia”.  With a powerful set list, Behemoth sets the mood of the evening to come; performing songs such as “Daimonos”, “Conquer All”, “Sabbath Mater” and “Bartzabel”. Following Behemoth’s demonic heavy vocal set came Gojira, nothing but the best of love was shown from the Arizona crowd as Gojira takes the stage. Performing songs such as “Backbone”, “Stranded”, “The Cell” and “Silvera”, they provide an upbeat heavy lifting set that allowed fans to forget about the intense heat beating upon them.

As Gojira finishes their set, you could feel the crowd’s intensity heightened, with a sea of cheering and people yelling for Volbeat to keep their energy going. After a few minutes, the members of Volbeat come walking out of side stage and the crowd explodes; a sea of 20,000 people beginning hysterically shouting and cheering the sight of band. Volbeat begins their set with “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” and in an instant the crowd begins to push, shove, sing and jump with excitement. Volbeat’s set consisted of songs such as “Black Rose”, “Slaytan”, “Seal the Deal”, “Dead but Rising” and “A Warrior’s Call” providing for a not as heavy set but energetically ideal set that matched the whole event.

With a brief intermission the crowd spills out into the merch/food/drink area to cool off and step away for a short break as Slipknot’s crew gets the stage set; as they pretty well needed it. With the stage set and the Slipknot curtain blocking the view the crowd begin rushes back into the seating and standing grounds to wait in anticipation. The crowd is greeted with AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”, as a thank you for the fans showing up in the unforgiving heat, rocking for 4 hours for this new moment to enter their lives; the song ends and the curtain gather together and pulls up in a swift one stroke revealing Slipknot. The crowd with everything they had in them, simultaneously cheered together in excitement and as a big Arizona welcome. Slipknot starts the show with “People = Shit” and over their set continue to bring the heat with stunning pyrotechnics and a set list made for metal fans; songs such as their new song “Unsainted”, “Before I Forget”, “Psychosocial”, “The Devil in I”, “Duality” and many more. This was definitely a night for the metal fans.

We at Global AZ Media thank the bands, crew & staff for putting on an amazing show.





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