Deadmau5 Cube V3 Tour at Comerica Theatre

On Saturday October 5, 2019 Deadmau5 took over Comerica Theatre in Downtown Phoenix with help from guest vocalist Lights and the most anticipated Cube V3 light and visual experience; also on the tour were supporting artists MSTRKRFT, Sian and Sysdemes. With only general admission tickets being sold for the full venue fans of Deadmau5 flooded the entrance of the Comerica Theatre in a vast line waiting to enter and rush to the standing floor to get a front row view of the visual experience called Cube V3. The three supporting artists MSTRKRFT, Sian and Sysdemes provided an ever growing dance filled sound that took over the crowd in waves as each artist took the stage; building the momentum of the crowd.

Each artist provided their own flavor of electronic dance music allowing the crowd to experience different internal emotion that would then bring them to dance openly and live in the moment of the evening. After the supporting acts finished Deadmau5’s stage assistances began building the monstrosity known as the CUBE, an 3 led panel revolving half die cube towering the stage and the standing crowd. The venue watched in anticipation as the CUBE began displaying fun facts about Deadmua5 and the designing choices for the CUBE like a moth to a flame the crowd was entranced. Then the house lights dimmed to a low shine and the crowd on all levels began cheering in excitment as Deadmau5’s set begins.

The cube introduces us with displaying a message and music begins playing; with Deadmau5 not in sight only bright vivid colors shining out to the crowd from the 3 side Cube the panels begin to move and inside stands Deadmau5 controlling the music from with in. After sometime passes guest vocalist joins Deadmau5 on the stage with the crowds excitement she is greeted with a sea of cheering fans. The night began with anticipation and wonder but ends with excited and appreciated fans because of the visual experience, the sounds of Deadmau5 and the voice of Lights.

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