FOXY MOJO Drop new Single, “Til the Morning Light”

El Paso-based, Indie/Rock ‘n Roll quartet FOXY MOJO drop new single, “Til the Morning Light,” out now ahead of their sophomore album REVIVAL, due out February 2020. The album title acts as both a summary of the band’s journey from misfortune and as a mission statement to their goal of “reviving” an ever-loved yet left behind era of indie rock now swallowed up by synth and upbeat summer tunes. With festivals like SXSW and Street Fest, and numerous local shows under their belts, FOXY MOJO are ready to take their music to an even larger fanbase.

REVIVAL  took root with singer Tristian London composing songs on his iPhone’s well-known recording app Garageband, slowly compiling what would become the band’s second coming. Channeling the struggles and rock ‘n roll tales as old as time, including his bandmates’ turbulent lives of relationships gone sour, addiction, eventual sobriety, to child-rearing, the band agreed to put all faith in their DIY roots and continue where they left off.  The result is some of their most lyrically profound and musically powerful tracks to date.

With over 50 song ideas to pull from the band settled on 15 tracks that can best be described as “love letters”  to a variety of musical heroes from the golden age of indie rock in the 90s to 2010s. With the support of guitarist Eric London, bassist Alex Rodriguez, and drummer Tristan Torres, band leader London recorded, engineered and composed the new album on an iPad,  channeling the simple approach Jack White took when recording the first White Stripes album on an 8-track in his living room. FOXY MOJO believe that if the music does not sound good with limited means, then it does not deserve the time of day in a real studio.

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