Rick and Morty-themed car for rent has a giant Morty Smith on the roof


Rick and Morty fans can finally fulfill their lifelong dreams of taking a giant version of Morty Smith wherever they want. The Mortymobile is up for rent via car-sharing service Turo and Adult Swim

The Mortymobile is a 2010 white Mazda 3 five-door hatchback with a giant fiberglass statue of character Morty riding on the roof. Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you pull up in a car being hugged with fear by Morty.

The Mortymobile gets 25 mpg, and costs $350 a day to rent from Turo. The Mortymobile is taking a multicity tour throughout season 4 of Rick and Morty. Since Turo is available in US, Canada, UK, and Germany, no word yet if the tour will be international. 

The Mortymobile will be unveiled at the Adult Swim Festival, which takes place in Los Angeles from November 15–16. The Mortymobile will be available to rent in LA from Nov. 18-25 and in San Diego from Dec. 9-16.

According to the website, all proceeds from the Mortymobile Tour will be donated to an organization that supports and empowers women in technical fields.

This isn’t the first real-world Rick and Morty car that’s hit the road. In 2017, a Rickmobile (complete with a giant fiberglass statue of Rick in the roof) went on tour as a mobile merchandise store. 

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