Is a ‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel With Michael Keaton Coming?

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Back in 1988, a creepy, odd and strangely addicting movie hit the big screens, and quickly became a Halloween staple on television for years to come. That movie was ‘Beetlejuice’ and since then, fans have been begging for a sequel. Those dreams may soon be coming true, and rumors are Michael Keaton may be returning as well.

For years, Tim Burton has been hesitant to make a ‘Beetlejuice’ sequel, as just a few months back the director said it probably wouldn’t happen. However, just the other week, composer Danny Elfman hinted a reboot may still be in the works. Now, reports are Warner Bros. is moving forward with the project, with Keaton on board.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if rumors are true, Keaton would return as Beetlejuice, and Warner Bros. would like director Tim Burton and actress Winona Ryder to return as well. While some fans may not want to see a return of ‘Beetlejuice,’ Keaton always said if a reboot is done it would have to be in the same whacky spirit as the original. If that is true, another classic could be in the works.

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