Life Can Change At A Blink of An Eye

Those of you who know Todd know he would do anything for his friends and family. He is a great father and family man to all his children and amazing wife Heather. He loves music and loves helping bands achieve their dreams of making it to the next step.

On the evening of January 25th, 2020 Todd Adkins was in the emergency room for pneumonia in both lungs. Overnight, his oxygen level dropped and he was unable to breathe on his own anymore so they had to intubate. At some point during this process, he coded and they had to perform CPR for 9 minutes to resuscitate. They had to air-vac him to an ICU downtown for further medical care.

CURRENTLY: Todd is on life support. They have him on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation). This machine pumps and oxygenates blood outside of the body so that the heart and lungs can rest. He is also still intubated. They will also be monitoring brain activity because his oxygen levels were so low.

He is stable and oxygen levels are improving on the ECMO. I will post updates as I hear them for anyone waiting to hear.

These times are tough and whatever you can donate to help with the costs will be grateful to the family. If you are unable to donate please help by sharing the link.

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