SKINLAB Releases New Video For Single “Amerikill”

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SKINLAB has released their brand new video for single “Amerikill.” The single is from the band’s latest record VENOMOUS, that was produced by Ulrich Wild, and released on October 25th, 2019, via Art is War Records.

“We are excited to release our new video for “Amerikill.” This will be the first of many videos the band shot ourselves with the help of our bud Karl Whinnery who did an awesome job with his added story line catering to the inner paranoia developed through isolation. The message is real….know your surroundings” says Steev Esquivel.

One of the Bay Area’s most prolific and enduring dynamic musical authorities in the world of bludgeoning heavy music has been Oakland’s own Skinlab. For nearly a quarter century, the quartet has endured numerous ‘flash in the pan’ short term music scene trends with steady composure and now sit poised to break through 2019 with the force of a raging ground swell. With new brutal music on the horizon, a reinvigorated rhythmic lineup, featuring the exciting return of longtime axemen Steve ‘Snake’ Green and Marcos Medina, as well as upcoming live road dates set forth to take precedence in 2019, Skinlab are on pace to set the record straight and blaze a new trail into the near future. For fans of the group, the undeniable mark of Skinlab begins and ends with the return of unflappable frontman Steev Esquivel who’s tone historically prepares listeners for all out war both live and in the studio. His moody drawl and sunken vocal grind opens up the needed space for the artillery style grooves of drummer Fabian Vestodto who pounds the group to the frontline of every rhythmic chug. Dating back to their early ground-breaking catalog of mainstays like Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded and _Disembody: the New Flesh to crushers like ReVoltingRoom and *The Scars Between Us_*, now as before, Skinlab is truly here to set the record straight…

1 The Fury Within the Fire
2 Amerikill (The Trigger)
3 Venomous
4 Overcoming
5 Demons
6 For the Fallen
7 Far from Grace
8 Eyes of Your Enemy
9 End of Silence
10 The Family


Steev Esquivel – Bass, Vocals

Snake – Lead Guitars

Fabian Vestod – Drums

Marcos Medina – Guitars

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