From Ashes To New Release Third Explosive Studio Album “PANIC”

From Ashes To New “PANIC”
Review By: Jay Alyse

In the last several years, From Ashes to New has made an exponential climb up the ladder that is alternative rock. They are easily recognizable by their consistent sound and their seemingly effortless rap verses. Their new album Panic may not be entirely out of character for them, but it does hold many pleasant surprises.

The record starts off bold with “Scars That I’m Hiding“, a track that strays just a bit from the structure the band is known for. Strong percussion and melodic vocals capture audiences right from the first verse. In the lyrics, we are given a story of reaching a breaking point, fighting through struggle, and even doing so alone. These themes continue throughout the entire album.

Brick” will feel much more familiar for any long-time fans of this group. The contrasting dynamic of rock and hip hop tones is alive and well in this piece. “What I Get” brings a haunting introduction and fierce imagery to the table, but as the album continues the songs do begin to bleed together. They are undoubtedly a perfect fit in the puzzle that is this genre, but as listeners we may question if that is a positive trait.

The following songs contain flawless transitions, striking guitar, and the constant message that resilience in the face of obstacles is critical. The title track itself is heavy and emotionally raw. Each song is impressive objectively, but they certainly are not anything we haven’t heard before.

The closing piece, “Change My Past,” deserves an honorable mention because it leaves listeners feeling a sense of nostalgia. With a quick glance at the past, and the yearning that comes with it, any audience is immediately left wanting more. This is a brilliant tactic used in many forms of writing, and I greatly enjoyed seeing it here whether or not it was intentional.

It’s very clear that an immeasurable amount of passion was channeled into this album, and there is certainly an audience for it. I do wish that there was more difference between each track, as I believe this would make them each more memorable. That being said, From Ashes to New is undeniably a very talented group of musicians and I will be happily awaiting their next project.

1.Scars that I’m Hiding
2.Brick [Explicit]
3.What I Get
5.SideFX [Explicit]
6.Panic [Explicit]
7.Wait For Me
10.Death Of Me
11.Change My Past

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