Sevendust – Blood & Stone – Album Review

Sevendust – Blood & Stone
Review By: Brent “Shaggy Chan” Taylor

On October 23rd, 2020, the group of five longtime hard rockers from Atlanta,  Georgia, Sevendust, released their 13th studio album “Blood & Stone”. The album  was preceded by the debut of two featured singles “Blood From a Stone” and their  take on a classic tune from Soundgarden, “The Day I Tried to Live”. These songs  had longtime fans excited for the album’s emergence and most agree that the  band delivered satisfaction, as always. 

 With their signature sound of heavy hitting rhythmic sequences blended with  flowing melodies from guitarists Clint Lowery and John Connolly, the album blasts  off with high energy from the opening track “Dying to Live.” Vocalist Lajon  Witherspoon’s vocals make an instant impact, ranging from smooth and soulful to  fierce and aggressive.  

 The album maintains the momentum of skillful riffs and beautifully poetic lyrics  that enhance the listening experience. While every song holds the potential to  become a radio-worthy chart topper, several tracks stood out especially made for  a good banging of the head. Songs like “What You’ve Become” and “Kill Me” leave  the listener with a personal debate on which song from the album wins the title of  “most epic.” The final original song on the lineup, “Wish You Well,” winds down the  setlist with the same energy that was presented from the very first note on the  album. Finally, the record ends with their tribute to Chris Cornell, and it is widely  believed that the late Soundgarden vocalist would have been proud and honored  to hear “The Day I Tried to Live” in epic Sevendust fashion. 

 Over their two decade career of bringing the rock, each studio album has had  its own personality, but never strays from the signature Sevendust sound that  we’ve all grown to love and respect. While fans might have craved a little more of  drummer Morgan Rose’s classic backing screams, there is very little (if any)  reason for a true fan to skip any song on this project, as all expectations were  certainly met. 

 “Blood From a Stone” is out now via Rise Records, and available on all streaming  and purchasing platforms.

01. “Dying to Live”
02. “Love”
03. “Blood From a Stone”
04. “Feel Like Going On”
05. “What You’ve Become”
06. “Kill Me”
07. “Nothing Left to See Here Anymore”
08. “Desperation”
09. “Criminal”
10. “Against the World”
11. “Alone”
12. “Wish You Well”
13. “The Day I Tried to Live”

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