Hillbilly Vegas Release Their Single “High Time for a Good Time”

Oklahoma – Hillybilly Vegas Release Their New Version of “High Time for a Good Time” with The Label GroupThe band knew that it was time to get back out there again and celebrating this fact brought about a new version of “High Time for a Good Time” Having the rocker edge to it this time and featuring Todd Ronning from Bad Company, Geraldo Dominellie who tours with Loverboy, and Paul Rodgers on keyboards it came together so well. Originally the song was released on the country charts and it charted in the top 50 for 12 weeks. Plus the video was nominated for Southern Rock video, and it was featured worldwide – including AXS TV.

“The new version is to celebrate all of us coming back after covid to what we all love best… having a good time!” – Steve Harris

“Just like every other band and really most everyone in 2020 we sat and couldn’t do what we love. At first, we didn’t even write music. Finally, we got creative and just felt like eventually, it’ll get back to normal…surely. We decided High Time was a perfect release for our RELEASE from lockdown. Because it is “High Time for a Good Time.” – Hillbilly Vegas


“For this song, we were kind of leaning to the side of classic rock. So having Todd and Geraldo play on it kind of gave us the feels we were looking for, a vibe of Bad Company, Black Crowes type song. Thank you’s to those who may have influenced or worked with – Huge thanks to Geraldo whom we’ve been working with for a couple of years now. Amazing musician, mixer, and producer. He is the first producer who understands us and we never worry about what he’s going to do when he gets the songs. Also, Todd Ronning from Bad Company who’s just been a great friend to the band and added such cool bass lines to some of our songs.” – Steve Harris


Hillbilly Vegas is just a bunch of music lovers from Oklahoma trying to carve out a place ourselves. We aren’t young, we don’t have abs but we don’t give much of a damn about it either so… We like to play loud and have fun. Big guitars, big vocals, and big hooks. That’s about all there is to us. We’ve been lucky enough to develop a fan base all over the world. We’ve charted 5 singles in America and 3 in Europe. Hell, we’ve even had a couple of number ones in faraway places too. So if you’re ever in Bangkok you can Shake it Like a Hillbilly and they’ll know what you mean…we ain’t kiddin’.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xUGOhuZocE5fUJUH8mA2e?si=y9layz0AQ5S6chjm–0eVg&dl_branch=1

Website: https://www.bristolrecords.com/

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