Boozy Mountain Dew now available but only in three states


 Mountain Dew’s much-anticipated boozy drinks have hit store shelves but it’s only available in Tennessee, Florida, and Iowa. But fans have no need to worry because the company plans to distribute the drink in other states soon. 

The Boston Beer Company and PepsiCo collaborated on the new drink called Hard MTN DEW. Adults of legal drinking age can enjoy four flavors: Baja Blast, watermelon, black cherry and original Dew. 

The new flavored malt beverage contains 5% alcohol, available in 24-ounce single-serve cans and a variety pack of a dozen 12-ounce cans.

Pepsi has worked to expand Mountain Dew’s presence in the soda industry into new markets, including energy drinks. In 2021, the company launched a Mountain Dew-based energy drink called “Mtn Dew Rise Energy.”

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