The Fellowship: Break the Wall Tour at Desert Diamond Arena

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On November 10, 2022 Korean Pop group Ateez brought their world tour to Arizona, gathering all fans across the state to the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, AZ.  Fans gathered early to celebrate to show love and appreciation to Ateez prior to the venue’s doors opening.  Approaching the venue there were long lines of concert goers at each gate and the sounds of chatter filling the air as the time clicked closer to the start of the event. 

Once the venue opened and the fans rushed to their seats there the venue was filled with cheering and chanting as the anticipation of the crowd grew waiting for the show to begin.  With large LED panels lighting the venue, Arizona was presented with the opener of the show a ten-member group of trainees under the KQ Entertainment company, KQ Fellaz 2.  The KQ Fellaz 2 is the second generation of trainees that the KQ Entertainment company has put together since 2018.  The KQ Fellaz 2 teased the crowd of what the evening would unfold providing their own spin to the evening and introducing themselves to the Arizona concert goers.

As the KQ Fellaz 2 left the stage leaving fans in an energetic and elevated state, fans began to chant “Ateez, Ateez, Ateez…”  and after a short while the lights dimmed, and the chants turned to cheering fans that filled the airwaves.  A group of people cloaked began making their way down the catwalk and each member of Ateez began to reveal themselves as they began singing the first song of the evening, “New World.”  The concert goers amplified their cheers as they waved their official Ateez lightsticks in the air.  Ateez performed, singing and dancing, two hours of music for the Arizona crowd giving them their monies worth and filling their memories with moments to reminisces on for the future until they return.  Songs such as “Answer”, “The Ring”, “Dazzling Light”, “Sunrise”, “Illusion”, “Cyberpunk”, “I’m The One”, and “Guerrilla.


KQ Fellaz 2

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