WWE Stock Price Reacts To News Vince McMahon Is Planning His WWE Return

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Vince McMahon retired in disgrace from the company he took global earlier this year, subsequently keeping a very low profile. Now though the Wall Street Journal has reported that the legendary wrestling promoter is planning on returning to WWE, feeling that the allegations made against him would have blown over had he remained. And upon this news, WWE’s stock dropped from $76.01 to $73.73 on Tuesday, which may or may not be related to McMahon’s return, but if not, it would be a remarkable coincidence.

Of course, the person most impacted by the drop is McMahon himself, as he owns up to 48% of the company and has 70.5% voting power, with the rest of the McMahon family owning a total of 55% of shares. Thus Vince lost tens of millions of dollars on paper upon the revelation. However, as a billionaire, it’s doubtful he will be greatly troubled by this, and he likely believes once he returns to power, the share value will rise again, even if past evidence and all logic is against this.

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