BLIND GUARDIAN: Release A New Documentary Trailer

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Last Friday, on November 30th, the progressive power metallers BLIND GUARDIANreleased the remixed and remastered versions of Imaginations From The Other Side, Nightfall In Middle-Earth and A Night At The Opera. Today the band release a new trailer for their documentary series.

“‘Nightfall In Middle-Earth‘ has always been my favorite Blind Guardian album. With the entire concept songs on one album a big dream is finally coming true for me. I hope, you will enjoy this one as much as I do“, comments Hansi Kürsch.

In case you missed the first two trailers, watch them here:
Trailer #1 “Imaginations Revisited Pt. I”
Trailer #2 “Imaginations Revisited Pt. II”

Also, order the re-releases of the aforementioned albums via the follwing link:

Imaginations From The Other Side (1995), remixed 2011/2012,  remastered 2012

  • 2 CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • LP in gatefold

01. Imaginations From The Other Side
02. I‘m Alive
03. A Past And Future Secret
04. The Script For My Requiem
05. Mordred‘s Song
06. Born In A Mourning Hall
07. Bright Eyes
08. Another Holy War
09. And The Story Ends
10. The Wizard
11. System‘s Failing

Nightfall In Middle-Earth (1998), remixed 2011/2012,  remastered 2012

  • 2 CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • LP in gatefold

01. War Of Wrath
02. Into The Storm
03. Lammoth
04. Nightfall
05. The Minstrel
06. The Curse Of Feanor
07. Captured
08. Blood Tears
09. Mirror Mirror
10. Face The Truth
11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12. Battle Of Sudden Flames
13. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
14. The Dark Elf
15. Thorn
16. The Eldar
17. Nom The Wise
18. When Sorrow Sang
19. Out On The Water
20. The Steadfast
21. A Dark Passage
22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends…)
23. Harvest Of Sorrow (Bonus track original CD)
23. Doom
24. The Tides Of War

A Night At The Opera (2002), remixed 2011/2012,  remastered 2012

  •  2 CD-DIGI (remixed/remastered CD+original CD)
  • LP in gatefold

01. Precious Jerusalem
02. Battlefield
03. Under The Ice
04. Sadly Sings Destiny
05. The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight
06. Wait For An Answer
07. The Soulforged
08. Age Of False Innocence
09. Punishment Divine
10. And Then There Was Silence
11. Age Of False Innocence (demo)
12. Under The Ice (demo)

They can all be pre-ordered here:

Order your BLIND GUARDIAN vinyl here:








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