OK I’M SICK TOUR hits Club Red in Mesa, AZ

Dead Poet Society, Weathers, and Badflower at Club Red on 10/15
Review By DANIEL BOMBARD (Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/dabombmentor/)
Photos By Diana Peterson

Dead Poet Society: 

Dead Poet Society is a bluesy groove rock band hailing from Boston. I was highly impressed by this band from the moment they hit the stage. Jack Underkofler, lead vocalist and guitarist, has a stage presence that cannot be denied. His vocal style is reminiscent of a modern-day Robert Plant. Their sound is in the realm of Greta Van Fleet mixed with some Jet. What really adds to making this sound their own is the crazy guitar playing on tracks like in the songs “.swvrm” and “under my skin”. It is a shame that as the opener we did not get more of them as this band took us through several stages of heavy and groovy! Follow at @wearedps 


Weathers are an alternative new rock/emo indie band out of Los Angeles. They are of a style which I call teenybopper, however it is hard not to get caught up in some of their catchy grooves. With songs like “Happy Pills”, “I’m Not Ok” and “Problems”, you can definitely get the emo vibe with this band, but the dancing and sheer performance value that they bring, creates a completely non-depressing atmosphere at their show. Singer, Cameron Boyer, has a great voice and show presence, and the backing vocals Cameron Olsen, Brennan Bates and Cole Carson really sound great together. My only question is why the high waters guys? Follow at @weathersband 


Badflower is a quartet out of Los Angeles, best known for their hit song “Ghost”. This band is amazing live. Their style is a melodic post-grunge, blues-rock, with crushing riffs and heavy drums followed by deep-rooted vocals that take on some really difficult subject matter. The singer Josh Katz is self-proclaimed as “opinionated” and willing to share those opinions! This band is a must-see. Their live show is intense and awesome. They even perform a portion of the show where each player plays someone else’s instrument, they are that good! One of my takeaways from this show is that Josh has a way of drawing you into a conspiracy with him, you can see mischief in his eyes and smile, and the way he interacts with the audience is as if he is one of us, but just happens to be on stage! Seeing Badflower as a headliner was especially good because they had a 17 song setlist for their “Ok, I’m Sick” tour. From the opening of “Wide Eyes” until the closing with “Promise Me”, there was never a dull moment. See Badflower, Josh, Anthony, Alex and Joey are all amazing musicians and do not disappoint! Follow at: @badflowermusic 

Badflower Setlist:
Wide Eyes
White Noise
Move Me
Drop Dead
Mother Mary
Promise Me


Dead Poet Society


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