Incubus 20th Anniversary Tour at Comerica Theatre

Coverage/Photos By Diana Peterson

Incubus made a stop in Phoenix on October 24, 2019 at Comerica Theater for the 20th anniversary tour of platinum selling album “Make Yourself”. Their performance was more than stellar! The show started with a documentary video of the band’s early days and footage from their original Make Yourself tour. Fans were cheering and clapping before the band entered the stage with getting even louder when the iconic members greeted Phoenix. Being at the show was just like listening to the album in its entirety, but better with the live sound. Incubus is truly incredible live. A spotlight is on Mike Einziger (lead guitar) as he opens with “Privilege”, the first song from the Make Yourself album and continued in the order of the album tracks. Brandon Boyd (lead vocals) held every song note just as expected, if not better, as you would hear when listening to the album. The whole night was filled with fans singing along to every song.

It is no wonder Incubus falls under mainstream success. The band is a genre of their own from the making of this album. Chris Kilmore (turntables, keyboard, synthesizers) brings an electro feel as heard in the hit song “Pardon Me” and a groove rock sound with Ben Kenney’s  down-tuned bass as in “Battlestar Scralatchtica”. The fans loved thrashing fists and horns in the air with Boyd’s powerhouse vocals bringing in the essence of metal. 

After finishing the album set, Incubus played 5 more songs from various albums starting with the newest single “Into The Summer”. We were taken on a journey back to 2003 with “Megalomaniac” as the finale, and an encore with “Dig” and “Wish You Were Here”. Incubus has been consistent as unique since the band formed in 1991. Make Yourself blew up in late ‘99 placing Incubus on top of the charts and continues to release exceptional hits through today.

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