Assuming We Survive + We Were Sharks & More at Pub Rock Live

It was a fun night of pop-punk live music at Pub Rock on the night of November 8, 2019. The evening began with opening band Love Like Fiction who is local to Phoenix. Described as a beautiful harmony of high energy pop punk with somber melancholic undertones, Love Like Fiction succeeded in getting the crowd moving.

Following the lineup from Glendale, AZ was After The Calm. The sound of the band was upbeat pop punk and made for a smooth transition to follow after Love Like Fiction. Drummer Kody Rattler throws on some Wayfarer style shades and starts pounding the drums. I take a moment to review some of my photos sitting at a small table in the pub and I find I am moving my head and feet along to the band’s sound. My head pops up when I hear lead vocalist Locan Miracle throw in some deep hardcrore grunts and screams. After The Calm flawlessly mixes genres of punk and hard-rock.

Both of the local bands Love Like Fiction and After The Calm make their way greeting and mingling with the crowd as Canadian punk band We Were Sharks begin their set. The melodic tone of lead vocalist Randy Frobel draws an appeal to the crowd while the heavy guitar riffs deliver powerful sound. With three albums under their belt, new music is announced to be released in 2020. There is no doubt We Were Sharks enjoy playing their music and it is exciting to see what the next year has in store for the rising band.

Music brings people together and that unity was brought to the forefront in the performance from Assuming We Survive. Frontman Adrian Estrella made every effort to talk to the crowd in between the 12 song setlist and sharing his own personal stories. The band’s sound is catchy enough to get anyone singing along with the songs. References of depression, suicide awareness and that it is okay to not be okay, albeit Estrella’s performance remained upbeat. He pulled people on to the stage during his songs and encouraged sing alongs and crowd diving. The support from the crowd was incredible to watch as Adrian drew everyone closer. As Brent Nagle from Mesa says “The show was fantastic. I’ve seen Assuming We Survive three times now and Adrian’s energy is unlike any others! He really brings his fans as close as he can to his personal life and it made me feel like I wasn’t really at that show by myself.” Adrian let the crowd know “we are family. If you ever feel alone, reach out to me. I will get back to you. May take a while, but I will.” The night ended with every single person invited up on stage with Adrian kindly giving a hand to help people up. All four bands were together with the crowd and it was one big party. Everyone will agree that not only was the music fantastic, the experience is unlike anything else. This night was a moment of cohesiveness regardless of who you are or what you believe in …it didn’t matter. The power of music brings unity.

I have seen quite a few shows but none like this. This night is definitely one that will for sure stick in the memories of everyone who attended.

Assuming We Survive setlist

Next To Me
Make It Out Alive
Exit At The Door
Open Water
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Too Close
Tear Me
Just So You Know
Let You Down
California Stoned

Assuming We Survive

We Were Sharks

After The Calm

Love Like Fiction

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