Danny Olliver First US Tour at Marquee Theatre & House of Blues

Canadian native Danny Olliver opens for The Dead South in his first US tour promoting his latest album For All My Former Lovers. The first stop was November 24, 2019 in Tempe, Arizona at the Marquee theatre. I arrive with my gear not knowing what to expect and find myself backstage with Danny as he is tuning his Taylor acoustic-electric six string. He makes himself comfortable on the couch and begins playing original music I have never heard before. In deep observation I started photographing Danny. I fight the evoking emotions the music brings to me as I concentrate on my photos. Within minutes we are chatting about music, art, and tattoos. We laugh and joke around as I find myself comfortably working my camera as he continues to strum his guitar.

It is showtime for Danny and he takes center stage with his guitar. Opening with original song For Hannah (Bad Omen Walking, 2014) everyone in the theatre is immediately captivated by his sound, lyrics, and passion. The set continues with his newest song Josephine (For All My Former Lovers, 2019) with Danny seeking out anyone in the crowd with the name Josephine. He says this song is for you, a song about a one night love affair. His lyrics are catchy, but it was the sound of his voice, the tune, the tones that kept my undivided interest throughout the set. His music grabs attention, evokes emotion, and leaves us all wanting to hear more. I find myself pleasantly surprised when I later see his album in the hands of many people from the crowd. At the merch booth I run into a local painter, Tara Gamel from San Tan Valley and asked her what she thought of Danny Olliver. “I discovered Danny after one of his family friends found my artwork,” explains Gamel. “I heard a sample of his music and knew I had to make it to a show especially with him coming to Tempe. Absolutely impressive.”

I needed to learn more about Danny Olliver and managed to catch his show again in San Diego, CA on November 26 along with an interview. You can follow Danny Olliver on instagram, facebook, and website, and be sure to catch a show in your area. You will not be disappointed!

Following Danny Olliver’s set was “dirty ol’ one man band” Scott H. Biram. Biram’s gritty eclectic sound of rock, blues, and country mix will get anyone with any musical genre taste moving. Taking a seat on a chair beside a range of guitars, Scott opens with humoring the crowd. Strumming an old beat up looking guitar, Scott goes in hard with his sound and raspy, powerful voice. There is no denying Scott will continue to gain a strong following. Be sure to check out Scott H. Biram on his instagram, facebook and website, you will find tour information, even some dirty ol’ humour!

Headliner The Dead South take stage for their Served Cold tour. If you are unfamiliar with the Canadian quartet, think of the likes of the gold rush era, Doc Holliday, or Red Dead Redemption. The ensemble consists of Danny Kenyon on the cello, known on instagram as the band’s heartthrob, on the mandolin is Scott Pringle as Danny Olliver says “who has never met a kitty he didn’t want to pet”, the man in black lead vocalist and guitar (“who’s cured every infection he’s ever had”, -Danny Olliver) is Nate Hilts, and last but not least the strong, silent, only man (Danny Olliver says) to have been known to beat tuberculosis is Colton Crawford on the banjo and kick drums. Each member stands behind a lantern which light up when they are singing or performing with stained glass cathedral windows as a backdrop. The band plays plenty of fan favorites as well as new music from their latest album Sugar & Joy (2019). The Dead South has an ample and growing following of people from all ages and musical genre tastes, with many fans showing up in Arizona dressed up as the performers. When I asked Mark, a Phoenix local who is dressed as a fan of The Dead South what he thought of the show, he goes on to say he has been a fan of The Dead South for over 6 months, which was introduced to him from a friend and was excited to get a chance to finally see the live show. “I am impressed with the show,” says Mark. “My expectations were met, no..all the bands exceeded my expectations.” The music and show is filled with dark gritty humor, beer guzzling, whiskey drinking and a yee-haw good ol’time. You can find more information on The Dead South on their instagram, facebook, and website.


Danny Olliver

  1. For Hannah
  2. Josephine
  3. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard Thompson cover)
  4. Speak To You
  5. Dead End Road
  6. Untitled

Scott H. Biram

  1. Intro
  2. Graveyard Shift
  3. Still Around
  4. Mojo Back
  5. Wildside
  6. Plow You Under
  7. Freight Train Boogie (Doc Watson cover)
  8. Victory Song
  9. Rollin & Tumblin
  10. Still Drunk
  11. Blood, Sweat & Murder

The Dead South

  1. Act Of Approach
  2. Diamond Ring
  3. Blue Trash
  4. The Recap
  5. Black Lung
  6. Snake Man Pt. 1
  7. Snake Man Pt. 2
  8. The Bastard Son
  9. Fat Little Killer Boy
  10. Spaghetti
  11. Boots
  12. Miss Mary
  13. Heaven In A Wheelbarrow
  14. The Dead South
  15. Crawdaddy Served Cold
  16. In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company


  1. Honey You
  2. Travellin Man
  3. Banjo Odyssey

Danny Olliver

Scott H Biram

The Dead South

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