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Photos by Diana 
Review by Corey Peterson

The night of Thursday, January 16th, 2020 Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale AZ welcomed Adelitas Way along with South Dakota’s Blacklite District and local favorite Stereo Rex. Stereo Rex opened their set while I was wrapping up the filming of an interview with Kyle from Blacklite District in the alley. Anticipation of a night filled with live music and the desire to be entertained pulled me towards the venue and eventually the stage. Rex Van Dine fronts for the guitar driven rock and roll sound of Stereo Rex, he is joined by Bryan “Crunch” Linder on the guitar and bassist Brian Hoch with a set of steady beats being delivered by the pounding Paul Burch on drums. The early crowd was in for a treat as the band delivered several originals and a couple covers that had the crowd engaged and starting to move. 

Blacklite District was next to hit the stage. Kyle Pfeiffer is Blacklite District and I had the pleasure of sitting down with him before the show and filming an interview. We talked about his inspirations and aspirations. AK19 Entertainment is his own label and he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing, and it shows throughout his performance. He found music as a way of coming to terms with the loss of both his parents. He would love nothing more than for his own story to be a beacon of hope in the foggy sea of uncertainty that surrounds grief and loss. His blend of hip hop and rock are sure to please almost any audience.  He opened with “We are the Danger” and closed with the hit sensation song “Cold as Ice”. The ten-song set was supported by childhood friend and bandmate Roman James and from rock band Another Lost Year, Clinton Cunanan performing “Home”. The crowd was feeling the groove and getting excited for the headliner.

Adelitas Way came on and showed us “What it Takes” to play infectious music with “Sick” licks. Rick DeJesus is “Still Hungry” and is nowhere near trying to rest on his laurels and this tour is by no means a swan song or a “Last Stand.” Rounding out the current lineup of the band, we have Trevor Stafford, Andrew Cushing, and Tavis Stanley. This trio (TAT) of musicians along with Rick will leave a permanent mark on your soul and fill your heart with good “Vibes”. Adelitas Way has proven time and time again that they are “Ready for War” and “Down for Anything” when it comes to an incredible live performance. The crowd came “Alive” when the band came on stage and continued to “Stay Ready” for whatever song came next during the entire 14 song set. “Collapse” was not an option for the performers or the crowd. To “Criticize” any portion of this show would be an exercise in futility. Their fifth album “Notorious” shows how this band has “Refused” to back down and seems “Invincible.”


Adelitas Way

What It Takes
Still Hungry
Last Stand
Ready For War
Down For Anything
Stay Ready

Blacklite District

With Me Now
Guitar Solo
One Of A Kind
Over This
Wishing Dead
HOME (featuring Another Lost Year)
Me Against The World
Cold As Ice

Stereo Rex

Call It What You Will
Dodging Bullets
No Idea
Sunday Road
Dirty Sexy
Soul On Fire
Think I’m In Love
Grand Slam


Blacklite District

Stereo Rex

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