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Limp Bizkit are keeping the “Dad Vibes” going strong in 2022. In case you’ve been living under a rock, last year the nu-metal band experienced an unexpected resurgence that was in part due to Fred Durst’s ridiculous “dad”-like outfit that he wore onstage at Lollapalooza, trading in his signature backward-facing flat-brimmed hat for beige slacks, big red aviators and a gray wig. The new makeover paired well with Limp Bizkit’s first song in nearly a decade, “Dad Vibes”, which prefaced their first album in 10 years, cheekily titled Still Sucks. Now, ahead of their upcoming tour with a bunch of awesome young hardcore bands, Limp Bizkit have shared an “unofficially official” music video for “Dad Vibes.” 

The visual marks a return of Durst’s dad outfit, and features every other member of LB wearing something casual and completely antithetical to their nu-metal tough-guy image. The whole thing is a series of stitched-together clips of the guys doing goofy dance moves and being dopey dad-like figures, but it’s curiously shot vertically through a phone camera, which makes it feel more like a TikTok compilation than a professionally-produced music video. That style lends itself to the silliness of the song, and the moves they bust are utterly absurd. Watch it above via YouTube. 

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