Deadmau5 – We Are Friends Tour at Arizona Financial Theatre – Oct 2022

Photos/Coverage By Julius Aguilar

Through rain and more rain, the Deadmau5 tour hit Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Financial Theatre.  Fans flooded in through the entrance to escape the cackling thunder, the flash of lighting and the downpour of rain.  Although outside was dark and gloomy, inside the Arizona Financial Theatre was opposite.  Flashing lights, the beat of the music, the giant led panel that sits behind every DJ with their own visuals stunning the crowd and the gathering of fans dancing, celebrating and joining together as one to show love to all the DJ’s.  Each DJ played a role in building the momentum of the event, from Lamorn providing an electronic set along with interjecting his own guitar playing and vocals to dazzle the crowd, to Casablanca, a duo playing off each other’s groove. 

There is much to say about all the inspiring DJ sets of each artist, but it is best to talk about the fans and their adventures at the event.  Fans of all ages attended the event dressed in an assortment of different clothing, some in normal ware, others dressed to the nines, sporting colored wigs, neon shirts or leather pants or an assortment of some kind.  Lamorn and Casablanca provided some groundwork of what to expect from such an event, warming up the crowd, putting them into mood; allowing them to escape from the drenched experience of being outside. 

When Nero took the stage, the entire crowd was feeling the energy and in the flashing of the monitors you see people coming together dancing and sweating to the beat.  With amazing visuals, the fans were dazzled, no one fighting the urge to swarm to the light.  As the transition from Nero the Deadmau5 happened concert goers hustled to the concessions to refill and reset as they understood what Deadmau5 had in store for them. 

The venue goes black, and a dim light illuminates behind Deadmau5’s cubed desk and the crowd in harmony cheer as they see a shape take fold.  Then a swoop of light is casted across the crowd, Deadmau5 begins his set and the crowd in an instant begin to cheer and dance.  Nothing but praise for Deadmau5’s set, amazing music, amazing lighting/visuals, just all together an amazing production.





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